About Us

Eastport Market has been around since 1978.  The Market has transitioned quite a bit over the past couple of decades, including adding the hardware back in 2003. The fires in our  Smokehouse were first lit in 2012..

We often overhear others describing us as the "Eastport Mall". And to a certain extent that statement is true. In the same visit you can fill-up your gas tank, grab propane and steaks for the grill, a gallon of paint for the spare bedroom, some of your favorite libations for this weekend's big game, and a hot coffee for the drive home.

We also love our community. Over time we've come to know some of our customers as well as we know our own family and friends. Whether you spend your time out in the field or behind a desk, we're proud to cheer you up after a hard day's work.

Thanks for visiting our website. Thanks for visiting our store. We sincerely appreciate you.